We Love Geology Birthday Parties

You know... trying to come up with
great birthday party ideas can be hard!
But what about a Geology Party!

We've had a lot of people buying pounds of tumbled
and rough rock and mineral bags and doing really
fun things like burying them in a sand box to let kids
spend time discovering their own collection!

Or giving them out as birthday party favors!

And cracking geodes can be a lot of fun too,
and everyone really loves to see the little beautiful treasures within.

Our books are very reasonably priced and
make great party favors with their new collections!


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Super Cool Birthday Ideas
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A bunch of GREAT ideas for Rock and Geology Birthday Parties!

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We will have some more ideas too to share... check back!

In the meanwhile, here are some of our best party sellers!

The Basic Birthday Deal

If you want to throw a really cool birthday party for your
Rock Crazy Kid... this package deal is perfect for you!

You get the following:

• 3 Pounds of Tumbled Stones

• 3 Pounds of Rough Minerals

• One Bag of Breakable Geodes (10)


The Basic Geo-Kid Birthday Party Kit





The Blow-out Geo-Kid Birthday Party Kit

If you want to throw a really cool birthday party for your
Rock Crazy Kid... and you need MORE than the basic pack... this package deal is perfect for you!

You get the following:

• 6 Pounds of Tumbled Stones

• 6 Pounds of Rough Minerals

• Two Boxes of Breakable Geodes (20)

• 10 Dig into Rock Books as Favors

• 10 Colorful Treasure Bags

The Blow-out Geo-Kid Birthday Party Kit



Expect a few days from placing your order to shipping and if you have a special request for a birthday party or
other situation, please let us know and we'll be happy to try and get it out the door ASAP!





























Interesting Facts about our Website

If you’re looking for rocks and minerals for kids, you’ve come to the right place. Kids really seem to love rocks, minerals, and fossils and enjoy collecting them, and sometimes trading them with their rock hound kid friends. It’s educational and fun for the whole family. The great thing about collecting rocks and minerals is that it’s a fun way to learn about earth science, as well as how rock and mineral specimens are formed.

Are you a Grandparent looking for a great gift for you grandchild? You might want to consider a rock and mineral kit for your rock hound grandchild. Fossil kits also make a wonderful gift that will encourage and drive children’s curiosity about geology and earth science. Imagine the look on their faces when they open a rock kit and find gorgeous specimens like amethyst, calcite, geodes, and quartz. The study of rocks and rock formations are fun for kids and adults alike.

You don’t have to have a degree in geology or earth science to be a rock hound. Rocks, minerals, and fossils can be studied and enjoyed by kids of all ages. Each rock kit comes with a booklet or fact sheet of information on the specimens contained in the kits. The various rocks and minerals make for interesting discussion pieces, and you’ll have great samples to show your friends, and fellow rock collectors.

Fossils are rock treasures that kids love to show off to their friends. Rock hounds love to have fossils in their collection along with more attractive rocks and minerals. Fossils have started many a child off to a lifelong study of geology, archaeology, and marine biology. It’s fascinating to find rocks that contain the skeletal frames of marine life, plant life, insects and animals millions of years old.

Are you a school teacher looking for great teaching aids? Rock hound rock and mineral kits are a great way to motivate your students to take an interest geology and earth science. Perhaps you’re planning a science fair, or have a science club, if so, then consider these rocks and minerals for kids at your next fair or meeting.

Kids love to hunt for rocks and fossils, but often there are no places for them to dig, and even if there are, often they are on private property. Rock and mineral kits, and fossil kits are a great way for kids to actually get their hands on these specimens. Rock hound kids will be able to have a collection of rocks and minerals including amethyst, quartz, pyrite, geode, calcite, and many others. Fossils include ammonite, dinosaur bone, turritella, and petrified wood.

Have you ever thought about starting your own rock hound club? A club for adults and children, as well as a great educational hobby for families to share. Rock kits are a wonderful way to get a start in rock collecting, and kids love to trade rocks and minerals with other kids. There are plenty of species of rocks and minerals, and they are not that expensive, and well worth the investment.

If you’re looking for inexpensive rock and mineral specimens for kids, then you need not look any further. We’ve assembled a great variety of rock, mineral, and fossil kits for kids that are inexpensive, yet good sized specimens. If you have a rock hound kid in your house, and you want to encourage them to study rocks and minerals, then we have what you need for you rock collecting little geologist.

Most people struggle with terms like metamorphic, sedimentary, igneous, and rock cycle, and why not, these are terms that scientists use in the field of geology. It’s important to know these terms for sure, but you can still enjoy, collect,, and appreciate rocks, minerals, and fossils. Many a child started their career in geology through collecting rocks and minerals.

If you’re looking for great gift ideas or stocking stuffers, rock and minerals kits are a great idea for you little geologist. Imagine them waking up on Christmas morning to a socking filled with geodes, or amethyst.